Am I a good candidate for LED?


You are a good candidate if you answer true to any of the following:
  • My facility has extreme temperatures
  • My employees often leave lights and fans on
  • Lights are turned on and off, frequently
  • Tenants would like safer lighting
  • Our lights aren’t as bright as they used to be
  • Our facility is hot because of the lights
  • We are interested in saving money
There are numerous benefits to converting to LED fixtures. High-power, high-quality LEDs produce long-lasting light, maintaining 70% of their lumen output at 50K hours.

In most cases, there is no need for relamping or maintaining LED fixtures. LEDs typically use 50% less energy than traditional fixtures and produce longer lasting, better quality light. These benefits save you money by eliminating costly maintenance fees and by reducing the amount of energy used. Turn on the switch to LED and start saving today!

Real-World Example**

Light Type:
1,000 Watt Metal Halide
LED Equivalent
Energy Costs:
30 Fixtures
30 Fixtures
Energy Costs:
Savings Per Fixture:

**Based on 4,380 annual hours of operation.

Estimate Savings

Existing Bulb Information
Wattage watts / bulb
Cost dollars / bulb
Life hours / bulb
Replacement Bulb Information
Wattage watts / bulb
Cost dollars / bulb
Life hours / bulb
Electricity Cost Information
Service Type:

or enter from your bill $/kWh


Operating Information
Number of bulbs to be replaced bulbs
Hours of operation per week hours
Re-lamp labor cost $/hour
(enter 0 if installing yourself)   
Time to replace one bulb minutes

Payback for your investment in:

0.48 months

Return on Investment

Energy saved per bulb 45 watts
Money saved over life of bulb $ 45.00
Number of existing bulbs used for each replacement bulb 13.33 bulbs
Difference in cost between one replacement bulb and existing bulbs replaced $ -5.17
Total savings from one replacement $ 50.17
Gross savings from all replacements $ 5,016.67
Investment in replacement bulbs $ 100.00
Investment in installation $ 0.00
Total investment $ 100.00
Net savings $ 4,916.67
Net savings per hour $ 0.49
Net savings per week $ 48.18
Net savings per month $ 208.79
Net savings per year $ 2,505.53