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Holt Energy is a division of Holt Electrical Supplies. Our team is comprised of a team of professionals fluent in lighting technology and design, facility management, production environments, electrical supply knowledge and a customer-first mentality.  We are supported by Finance, Operations, Product Specialists, Purchasing and Logistics teams shared by our parent company, Holt Electrical Supplies.

We have been serving St. Louis regional customers since 1960. Holt’s relationships and customization form the perfect synergy to deliver results you can depend on. Our dedicated team has successfully performed lighting upgrades and retrofit services in more than 3 million square feet of commercial property.

Our lighting experts can provide:
  • Lighting and control design (New and retrofit options)
  • Existing fixture audit and energy usage analysis outlining cost justification and annual savings
  • Sustainability initiative recommendations
  • Financing options
  • End-to-end customer service experiences including rebate assistance

Meet Our Team

  • Sylvan Holtzman President/Owner, Holt Electrical Supplies

    Sylvan Holtzman is the President of Holt Electrical Supplies.  In business since 1960, Holt has become a trusted partner in the greater St. Louis market.

    His business model culminates on a foundation of quality, value and service resulting in second to none customer experiences.

    "I have always focused on the future of our company, employees, and customers. Long-term relationships with you our customer are at the forefront of the decisions we make and the strategies we employ. We are an independent, family owned company that cares very much about your future. We offer knowledge, confidence, reassurance, and teamwork all built upon a solid foundation of trust. At Holt we value your business and prove it with competitive prices, on time delivery, and expert technical assistance.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank our long lasting customers as well as our new customers for your business. The entire Holt family will work hard to earn your continued business. Your business is important to all of us."

  • Ryan Holtzman Vice President, Holt Energy

    Office: 314.880.8727

    Ryan Holtzman is the Vice President of Holt Electrical Supplies. Ryan was one of the visionaries that helped shape Holt Energy into what it is today. As the lighting renovation market has gained steam over recent years; so too has Ryan’s desire to bring customers solutions that put money back in their pockets. His vision is to marry Holt’s supply and logistical expertise with the industries best lighting consultants to deliver a real solution; a trusted solution.

    Ryan is a graduate of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, majoring in business Management and Entrepreneurship. Ryan has always had a knack for business and believes Holt’s market knowledge, manufacturer relationships, supply expertise and world class staff form the perfect synergy to deliver real results to your bottom line.

  • Eric Resinger Manager, Holt Energy

    Direct: 314.880.8708 | Cell: 636.541.5105

    Eric enriches the Holt Energy team by bringing over 15 years’ management experience in organizational leadership,urgency, and creative resolution methodology.  His ability to cultivate customer and vendor relationships have made him a trusted liaison to many businesses in the St. Louis market.

    Whether your building needs five or five-hundred fixtures, Eric takes a collaborative approach when determining the best lighting for your application by seeking feedback of business owners, project managers and business users to align their objectives with critical metrics: efficiency; efficacy; cost; quality; longevity; and profitability.  He combines this input with his subjective eye and an inquisitive line of questioning to ensure your satisfaction.  He is proficient in all stages of the lighting upgrade process.   Eric will confidently lead you to a successful implementation of a fully customized solution that meets your budget, your requirements and your timeline.

    Expertise: Warehouses, gas stations,new construction, property management firms, LED retrofit options, and building exteriors.

  • Angela Schmucker Lighting Projects Coordinator, Holt Energy

    Direct: 314.880.8713 | Cell: 312.566.7420

    Angela is an energetic professional that possesses over fifteen years of relationship management with coinciding time in operations, business analysis and facilities. She is cognizant of the importance of customer satisfaction and brings value to the Holt Energy team with support processes encompassing quotations, expectation compliance, planning, post-installation care and closed loop communication.

    Her high level of organization and knowledge will be applied to your project to provide fresh perspective for fulfilling your needs, achieving sustainability initiatives, reducing the strain on our aging energy grid and saving money within your organization. Angela will be engaged through all stages of your project to provide support to her teammates and add value to the services they provide to you.

  • Emily McDaniel Account Manager, Holt Energy

    Cell: 314.973.7303

    Emily's early interest in energy conservation practices led to the eventual need for a dedicated resource team within Holt Electrical Supplies. She realized how many buildings are operating with 40+ year old fixtures. These traditional lights have been analyzed and proven to create depressing atmospheres, eye strains and much higher operating expenses than their current-day counterparts. With this knowledge, Emily spearheaded an initiative to improve efficiency and comfort specifically for industrial and commercial facilities.

    Emily is conscientious of providing lighting solutions that are precision engineered for your business and budget needs. She knows the ins and outs of the manufacturers, old to new technology and the programs available to business owners to further reduce out of pocket expenses.

    Expertise: Schools, hospitals, salons, parking structures and multi-unit properties.

  • Jason Kyle Director of Sales, Holt Energy

    Direct: 314.880.8711 | Cell: 314.805.23.23

    Jason has been in the lighting business for over 5 years. He handles each opportunity with the special attention it deserves.  Whether you need one light or a complete design and build, Jason is ready to get what you need, within budget and on-time.

    Jason’s areas of expertise include: New Build & Specification, Car Dealerships, C-Stores, warehouses, schools, parking structures & multi-unit housing properties.

  • Mark Mills Transaction Sales, Holt Energy

    Cell: 636.290.8339

    Mark specializes in transitioning businesses from short-lived, high utility cost interior and exterior lighting solutions to the more economical and long lasting LED lamps.

    Before joining Holt Energy, Mark was a small business owner for thirty-one years. As a former entrepreneur, Mark understands the budget concerns and cash flow constraints of a privately held business. He shares your aggravation of the high-maintenance costs that accompany many fixed operating expenses. He is driven on the need to inform and help reluctant business owners upgrade to superior, cost-efficient lighting alternatives.

    Expertise: Schools, single and multi-location lamp changes.

  • Beth Waterhouse Lighting Design & Quotations Specialist

    Direct: 314.880.8711

    In 2017, Beth joined our team and brought with her a wide range of product knowledge, proposal support, and over a half-decade of lighting application experience.  She obtained an  Associate of Science (AS) degree from Ranken Technical College where she focused in Electrical Systems Design.

    She will support all departments, branches and aspects of our organization through quotation, lighting design layouts, order entry and the incentive application process.