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Put The Holt Team To Work For You

Many business owners and operators are not aware of the solid state lighting options on the market or the reduced costs created by their deployment – “you can only know what you know.”

The Holt Energy team specializes in knowing about these products, their options, efficiencies, available incentive programs and staying subjective when reviewing these attributes to justify whether you should consider alternative light sources.

  • Step 1. Site Audit

    The first step of our recommendation proccess includes an introductory visit to your site to benchmark your existing configuration. During this stage, we will:

    • Catalog existing lighting and controls, taking pertinent structural and foot candle measurements;
    • Request blue prints and floor plans (or sketch and photograph) your site for reference and lighting layout design;
    • Collect information regarding your utility company and rates;
    • Interview on-site personal for feedback regarding special conditions, expectations and requirements;
    • Discuss the advantages / disadvantages of redesign and retrofit.
  • Step 2. Recommendation

    The data collected during the site audit will be populated into a financial calculator. In this format, energy and maintenace savings can be forecasted by light type. You will also become familiar with available incentives.

    • Review project design and recommended lighting types based on required lighting levels and local codes including removal of unnecessary fixtures or installation of controls;
    • Review investment, anticipated savings, project ROI, and incentive process;
    • Choose a contractor.
  • Step 3. Project Design/Final Review

    During this phase of your project final configurations will be determined, incentives will be applied for, products ordered and timelines defined.

    • (If applicable) You will need to provide your contact information, your contractor's contact information, tax and utility company details so your application can be submitted. The application needs to be approved before purchasing products.
    • Materials get ordered.
    • Material lead times are finalized and installation can be coordinated.
  • Step 4. Project Completion

    We want for you to stay focused on your business. Once installation is completed, Holt keeps working for you by:

    • Following up to ensure all specifications and work completion are satisfactory.
    • If applicable, finalizing all utility incentive applications and confirming incentive check delivery.